What is "Climate Change Adaptation Information Platform"?

The "Climate Change Adaptation Information Platform (A-PLAT)" aims at being a basis for adaptation actions of local governments, businesses, and citizens. In cooperation with relevant ministries and agencies, it provides information for meeting users' needs; develops and furnishes tools to promote adaptation actions; and collects, organizes, and provides the best practices.

In August 2015, the Division of Earth Observation Promotion adopted the "Implementation Policy of Earth Observations for 10 years". In November 2015 the "National Plan for Adaptation to the Impacts of Climate Change" was approved by the cabinet. In response to these policies, the Japanese Alliance for Climate Change Observation has launched anew its support for local governments, businesses, and individuals to consider adaptation measures including the establishment of "CLIMATE CHANGE ADAPTATION INFORMATION PLATFORM" as a policy to connect observation data to the solution of social issues.

A-PLAT is a portal that provides centralized information related to the impacts of climate change. Aiming to support the local governments, businesses, and individuals to consider the adaptation measures to climate change, it collects and arranges scientific knowledge (observation data, climate predictions, and impact predictions), and promotes information sharing among stakeholders.


In order to minimize the damages caused by ongoing climate change, it is important to undertake not only "mitigation" to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in short-term, but also "adaptation" in long-term.

A-PLAT will provide useful information for us to appropriately adapt our life style to changing climate.