Terms of Use (Appendix)

1) Example of an indication of Third Party rights

  • Indications such as “Source: ___” and “Photograph: ___” used in white papers / reports (Central Environment Council Reports, etc.), materials used by organizations including councils and study groups (Industrial Structure Council, etc.), and other materials for explaining policies

2) Examples of Content obtained through API links to external databases, etc.

  • YouTube external link

3) Content where the Terms of Use does not apply

  • In principle, Third Parties other than members of Office for coordination of climate change observation (hereinafter referred to as OCCCO), NIES are not allowed to use the Symbols of the A-PLAT. However, such Third Parties are allowed to use the Symbols in the following cases.

  • i. Cases where Third Parties manufacture goods marked with the Symbols upon OCCCO’s request
  • ii. Cases where Third Parties use the Symbols for activities of dissemination and enlightenment of climate change impacts and the adaptation measures, and the “Application for logo usage” is submitted to and accepted by OCCCO in advance.
  • iii. Cases where Third Parties prepare materials or produce goods when conducting projects commissioned by OCCCO and indicate the fact that OCCCO has commissioned such materials or goods using the Symbols
  • iv.Cases where Third Parties prepare materials or produce goods when holding events co-organized by OCCCO or events in which OCCCO participates, and when conducting projects or holding events for which OCCCO provides support, financial assistance, or cooperation and indicate the fact that such events are co-organized by OCCCO and the like using the Symbols.
  • v. Cases where Third Parties create links to A-PLAT website using the Symbols as link icons.