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Mitsubishi Chemical Aqua Solutions Co., Ltd.
(former company name : Wellthy Corporation)

Securing Access to Safe Water by On-site Water Treatment System with Remote Monitoring Function

Profile of Project Company

Mitsubishi Chemical Aqua Solutions Co., Ltd.(former company name : Wellthy Corporation), a group company of Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Group, is the pioneer and leading company that provides treated groundwater as drinking water using membrane technology. As of December 2017, the company has more than 1,200 of such plants installed at hospitals, shopping malls and so on across Japan. In other countries, the company not only treats groundwater, but also provides water treatment plants that best suit the local needs for securing safe drinking water supply. For example, in Kenya, the company has installed a slow sand filtration system that does not require electricity, in a rural community, and another water treatment system that employs membrane filtration technology in an urban community to treat turbid surface water and it has been supplying drinking water to the community. The company's water treatment plants employ the remote monitoring system developed by the company, called “WeLLDAS®.” This system contributes to conducting efficient maintenance work of plants installed globally, for example, by checking the operation condition of the plants, by addressing to water quality fluctuation, by utilizing the accumulated data and so on.

Product & Technology

The on-site water treatment system of the company is a small- to medium-scale private system that is custom-designed to treat and supply water to an individual institution where the system is installed. Compared to a large-scale, centralized public waterworks, the associated pipes for water supply are shorter and thus the system requires less energy to supply water.

  • Concept of a Wellthy’s On-site Water Treatment SystemConcept of On-site Water Treatment System

Recently, there have been emerging issues of surface water quality fluctuation in Southeastern Asian countries due to the climate change, etc. In rainy seasons, some rivers become very turbid and in dry seasons they become highly saline owing to the seawater intrusion into the river. However, these countries with rapid population growth still lack adequate water supply facilities to provide sufficient amount of drinking water for their populations. Therefore, the people have no other choices than to use such contaminated water sources or untreated well water that is not suitable for drinking.

The company aims to help securing safe drinking water in such countries and has been working on treatment of saline surface water. For example, in Myanmar, the company has installed a water treatment system that can supply safe drinking water throughout a year regardless of raw water quality fluctuation. The system is capable of treating both highly turbid water in the rainy season and saline water in the dry season. The system also employs WeLLDAS® so that its operation condition and water quality can be monitored both from Myanmar and Japan.

  • A water treatment system installed in MyanmarA water treatment system installed in Myanmar