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Dari K Co., Ltd.

Securing of Stable Food Supply / Strengthening livelihood

Irregular rainfall due to abnormal weather associated with climate change causes serious impact on agricultural products and erratic weather such as downpour and drought reduces crop yield. Dari K promotes conversion from traditional agricultural products to high-quality cacao in Indonesia which requires less water and fertilizer. It serves as an adaptation measure in terms of sustainable food supply and stronger agricultural production base to promote weather-consistent agriculture and production of value-added crops which contributes to greater income of farmers.

Adapting to changing cultivation environmental for traditional crops

Profile of Project Company

Dari K was founded in March 2011 to manufacture and sell chocolate and other cacao-related products as well as for import and wholesale of cacao beans. The Company was acknowledged by Kyoto City in April 2016 as one of the "Enterprises to sustain upcoming 1000 years" and by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in May 2016 as one of the "VIBRANT (HABATAKU) Small and Medium Enterprises 300".

Product & Technology

Dari K directly imports cacao grown in Indonesia, process and sell the final chocolate products.

Project Details

Some regions in Indonesia are feared to suffer from reduced harvest of traditional crops due to a decline in rainfall. The Company aims to enhance adaptive capability of small farmers by encouraging conversion to cacao production which requires less water and fertilizer while mitigating vulnerability to climate change through adoption and permeation of high-value added cacao agroforestry. The Company takes on specific measures such as introducing fermentation technology and committing to purchase fermented high-quality cacao beans by motivating cacao farmers, which lead to establish a framework for added value at the upstream of supply chain and greater income of farmers. Also, the Company strives to improve the negative reputation of Indonesian cacao through direct import and processing to produce high-quality chocolate products.

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METI Ministry of Economy, Trade and IndustryThis article is based on the report of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry "FY2016 program: Visualizing contribution of Japanese companies to adaptation activities in developing countries"