The 4th International Climate Change Adaptation Platforms Meeting

Date December 15th (Fri) , 2023
Venue TKP Tokyo Station Conference Center

Aims of the meeting

  • To share knowledge and information related to developing and operating national and international information platforms.
  • To share recent activities supporting local and national governments and other stakeholders working on climate change adaptation through national and international information platforms.
  • To discuss potential collaboration and partnership in supporting national and international information platforms in Asia-Pacific countries.


time program
10:00-10:10 Opening remarks
  • Dr. Yasuaki Hijioka, Director, Center for Climate Change Adaptation, NIES
Session 1: Enhancing Communication and Support for Local Stakeholders
10:10-11:00 Introducing recent activities of CCCA as a national platform
  • Dr. Yoshifumi Masago (10 min)PDF
  • Mr. Tasuku Machimura (10 min)PDF
  • Dr. Kazutaka Oka (10 min)PDF
  • Discussion (20 min)
11:00-12:15 Introducing recent activities of national and the European level platforms (15 min each)
  • Canada: Dr. Heather Morrison, Canadian Centre for Climate Services (online)PDF
  • EU: Ms. Kati Mattern, European Environment Agency, DenmarkPDF
  • Korea: Dr. Young II Song, Korea Adaptation Center for Climate ChangePDF
  • Philippines: Dr. Ayn Torres, The Oscar M. Lopez Center for Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Management Foundation, Inc.PDF
  • Taiwan: Dr. Hsin-Chi Li, National Science and Technology Center for Disaster ReductionPDF
12:15-12:30 Discussion
12:30-14:00 Lunch and networking
Session 2: International activities
14:00-14:05 Introduction of Session 2
  • Dr. Yuji MasutomiPDF
14:05-14:20 Recent activities of AP-PLAT
  • CCCA: Dr. Yuji MasutomiPDF
14:20-15:35 International activities from each organization (15 min / organization)
  • SPREP / PCCC: Dr. Ofa Kaisamy / Ms. Rachel NunnPDF
  • CSIRO: Dr. Geoffrey GooleyPDF
  • APN: Dr. Linda StevensonPDF
  • UNESCAP: Dr. Sanjay SribastavaPDF
  • AIT: Dr. Guilberto Borongan / Dr. Ramesh SoysaPDF
15:35-15:50 Coffee break
15:50-16:50 Discussion and our next steps (Asia-Pacific)
16:50-17:00 Closing remarks