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A-PLAT Regional Adaptation Renovation

National Institute for Environmental Studies and Climate Change Adaptation Centre ("CCCA") has recently been renovated to provide smoother and more intuitive access to the "Regional Adaptation" pages. Renovations were carried out by forming project teams with CCCA members and external designers, and by exchanging opinions with local users.
We would like to continue to improve both the content and design of our products, aiming to become a platform for further "conveyed" climate change adaptation information. If you have any opinions or comments, we would appreciate it if you could use the "Inquiry Form."

Review website configuration

The hierarchical structure was reviewed, and the contents of the same system were summarized so that they can be viewed in close proximity. At the same time, by creating new pages and enhancing links to related content, we have attempted to gain unified access to relevant information from the pages of each theme (e.g., Regional Climate Change Adaptation Plan).


Review of Website Configuration (Image)

Design innovation

The design was renewed based on two concepts: ① the location of the information you want is immediately known, and ② the friendliness and attribution awareness. Specifically, we have tried to improve page listability and grasp the entire content. We have also tried to make people familiar and familiar with the content by using images of relevant people, scenery, etc. in each region.


Renovation of Design (Image)

Project team members (in alphabetical order)

Centre for National Institute for Environmental Studies and Climate Change Adaptation

  • Local government support staff: Emi Asano, Yuko Iwabuchi, Takehiro Oyama ★, Masako Kitabatake, Jun Sunagawa, Hiroyasu Tanaka, Midori Nemoto ☆, Tomohiro Fujita
  • Person in charge of web development: Mari Imaji, Toshio Narushima, Takuya Hattori, Masataka Hiroyasu, Yoshifumi Masago
  • Headquarters: Yasuaki Hijioka
    (★:Reader, ☆: Sub-leader)

PCP Inc.

  • Masashi Sato

Power Computer Co., Ltd.

  • Kaoru Kishida
(Posted on April 1, 2021)

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