Climate Change Adaptation Information Platform(A-PLAT)

Government Efforts

Here are some of the government-wide efforts to adapt to climate change.

Climate Change Adaptation Act

The Climate Change Adaptation Act was promulgated in June 2018 to promote adaptation to climate change.

The Act stipulates that the government shall formulate climate change adaptation plans, the Ministry of the Environment shall conduct climate change impact assessments, NIES shall conduct work to promote adaptation to climate change, and Local Climate Change Adaptation Centers shall collect and provide information on adaptation to climate change.

This is the first time that adaptation measures in Japan have been legally positioned, and a framework has been established for the national government, local governments, businesses, and citizens to cooperate and promote adaptation measures. Climate change mitigation and adaptation are two wheels of a cart. With the Act on Promotion of Global Warming Countermeasures and the Climate Change Adaptation Act as the cornerstones, further promotion of climate change measures is expected.

Climate Change Impact Assessment


The Climate Change Impact Assessment Report (Review) is a report on the comprehensive assessment of climate change impacts prepared by Minister of the Environment in consultation with the heads of relevant administrative agencies after hearing the opinions of Central Environment Council based on the latest scientific findings on the observation, monitoring, forecasting and assessment of climate change and its impacts in various fields, based on Article 10 of the Climate Change Adaptation Act.
This is the second assessment of the impact of climate change five years later, based on a statement by Central Environment Council in 2015. This is the first assessment to be prepared based on the act.
In addition to an overview of climate change impacts in each field, this report summarizes the results of observations, such as temperature and precipitation, as well as future projections, future issues related to the evaluation of impacts, and the efforts of the current government.
In addition, along with the preparation of the report, the "Climate Change Impact Assessment Report (Details)," which summarizes detailed information on the impacts of climate change in each field, has been compiled as a reference material.
The main purpose of this report is to efficiently extract information on climate change impacts and countermeasures in each field and item in the formulation of "Climate Change Adaptation Plans" by the government and adaptation plans by municipalities and businesses, by summarizing from a scientific point of view how climate change can have an impact on Japan, the extent and possibility of such impacts (severity), the timing of the onset of impacts, and the timing (urgency) at which adaptation needs to be initiated and important decisions made, and the accuracy (confidence) of forecasts.

National Plan for Adaptation to the Impacts of Climate Change

The National Plan for Adaptation to the Impacts of Climate Change was approved by the Cabinet on November 27, 2018, based on the Climate Change Adaptation Act [Act No. 50 of 2018], in order to promote comprehensive and systematic measures for climate change adaptation.
Part 1 of the Plan describes the basic direction of measures for climate change adaptation (goals, planning period, basic roles of parties concerned, basic strategies, progress management, etc.), Part 2 describes measures for climate change adaptation by sector ("Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries," "Water Environment / Water Resources," "Natural Ecosystems," "Natural Disasters / Coastal Areas," "Human Health," "Industrial / Economic Activity," and "Life of Citizenry and Urban Life"), and Part 3 describes basic measures for climate change adaptation.

For details on measures in each field, see Impact & Adaptation by Sector

(Last updated December 18, 2018)

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