Climate Change Adaptation Information Platform(A-PLAT)

Adaptation for Individuals and Communities

Many people may be feeling the effects of climate change, such as more hot summer days and extremely hot days than before, or an increase in flood damage caused by heavy rain. In order to create a society where everyone can live with peace of mind, let's think together about "adaptation" to the effects of climate change and take action.

Adaptation to Climate Change Impacts -Let's Begin for the Future!-

This section explains, together with graphs and illustrations, what kinds of climate change have been caused in the world and Japan, the effects that have already occurred in Japan and that may occur in the future, and efforts for adaptation.

Let's learn!

How have climate change impacts been caused in the world and Japan? What will happen in the future, and what can we do now? Let's learn together about "adaptation to the impacts of climate change".

Let's take actions!

What can we do for "climate change adaptation"?
Here are some examples of adaptation we can easily do, and recommended contents of each adaptation sector, including information such as “how to prevent heat stroke”, “how to live in the heat of summer”, and “how to protect ourselves against the Asian tiger mosquitos”.

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