Climate Change Adaptation Information Platform(A-PLAT)

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Local Climate Change Adaptation

It is important that adaptation to climate change impacts is addressed as part of better regional development, taking into account the characteristics of each region.
In this section, we introduce interviews with people from various regions, information related to the Local Climate Change Adaptation Plan and Local Climate Change Adaptation Center, and other useful information for promoting adaptation in the region, by theme.

Introducing everyone's "adaptation" experienceInterviews

Interviews with local personnel are introduced by local adaptation plans, adaptation measures, and local adaptation center categories.


How do you adapt?Local adaptation measures

What kind of climate change impact will appear when and how much, and what kind of measures (adaptation measures) are necessary will differ depending on the region. Here, you can see materials that summarize the impact grasp, adaptation measure examination, precedent cases of adaptation measure implementation, and details of currently proposed adaptation measures.


What do you know?What science tells us

We have access to a wide range of scientific information, including data on observations and projections of climate change, examples of research and investigations, and related information, which form the basis for promoting adaptation in consideration of regional characteristics.


How do you plan?Local Climate Change Adaptation Plan

Local Climate Change Adaptation Plan refers to a plan in which prefectures, municipalities, etc. take the lead in promoting measures for climate change adaptation in accordance with natural, economic, and social conditions in the area.
This section provides information that can be used to develop or revise local climate change adaptation plans.


What kind of activities do you do at what kind of base?Local Climate Change Adaptation Center

The Local Climate Change Adaptation Center is the base for collecting, organizing, analyzing and providing information on climate change impacts and adaptation in the region, as well as providing technical advice. It is expected that it will cooperate closely with related departments and agencies, and will become the information base necessary for the formulation of local climate change adaptation plans and the promotion of adaptation in the future. This section provides information and tools to assist in the operation of the Local Climate Change Adaptation Centre.


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