Climate Change Adaptation Information Platform(A-PLAT)

Local Climate Change Adaptation Center(LCCAC)

For local staffThis page is mainly for government and municipal officials and researchers.

The Local Climate Change Adaptation Centers(LCCACs) are the hubs for collecting, organizing, analyzing and providing information and technical advice on climate change impacts and adaptation in each region. In close collaboration with related departments, the center is expected to serve as information bases for the development of local climate change adaptation plans and the promotion of adaptation in the future. This section provides information and tools to assist in the operation of the LCCACs.

What is the Local Climate Change Adaptation Center?

This section briefly explains the LCCAC based on the notice of enforcement of the Climate Change Adaptation Act.

List of Local Climate Change Adaptation Center

This page provides a list of LCCACs, working as information centers for climate change adaptation in each region.


Information Sharing Among LCCACs

Online tools and regular meetings for easy information sharing among LCCACs are introduced here.


Joint research on climate change adaptation between CCCA and Local Climate Change Adaptation Centers.

As part of the development of environmental research and technical assistance to regions as stipulated in Article 11 of the Climate Change Adaptation Act, "Joint Studies on Climate Change Adaptation with Local Climate Change Adaptation Centers" have been conducted.


Interviews (LCCACs)

Interviews with local officials on the establishment and activities of LCCACs are available.


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