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  • These are illustration materials created by National Institute for Environmental Studies. Please use it for the purpose of raising awareness of adaptation.
  • These materials are provided under the Creative Commons License Labeling-Non-Profit-Non-Modification Prohibition 4.0 International License. The materials can be used freely as long as the following conditions are met.
    • Display: When using materials, specify the source as follows: "Source: Climate Change Adaptation Information Platform" or "This work was created using materials published on Climate Change Adaptation Information Platform."
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Adaptation Planning Icon for Climate Change Impacts (Seven main sectors)

Icon for the seven main sectors of climate change adaptation in Japan.

農業、森林・林業、水産業Title:Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries
水環境・水資源Title:Water Environment and Water Resources
自然生態系Title:Natural Ecosystems
自然災害・沿岸域Title:Natural Disasters and Coastal Areas
健康Title:Human Health
産業・経済活動Title:Industrial and economic activities
国民生活・都市生活Title:Life of Citizenry and Urban Life

"Visual adaptation" illustration materials

Illustrations on various climate change “impacts” that have already appeared in our lives, and “adaptation measures” for impacts if they become “severe” in the future are provided.
Please use them for presentations, dissemination and enlightenment materials.

Illustrations of Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation

"Mitigation" to prevent climate change from occurring and "adaptation" to the impacts of climate change that are already taking place. These illustrations introduce two measures against climate change.

緩和とは?Title:What is Mitigation?
適応とは?Title:What is Adaptation?
緩和と適応_全体Title:Mitigation and Adaptation_Overall

Climate change adaptation logo (Japanese style logo)

These are created with the aim of communicating that adaptation to climate change is closely related to people's livelihoods, as well as the rich four seasons of Japan.

和柄ロゴATitle::Japanese pattern logo A
和柄ロゴBTitle:: Japanese pattern logo B
和柄ロゴCTitle:Japanese pattern logo C

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