Climate Change Adaptation Information Platform(A-PLAT)

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This section presents websites and materials that explain climate change adaptation in an easy-to-understand way. This section includes the videos that predict future phenomena, materials that summarize the latest knowledge, and observation data.

Learn about Climate Change Adaptation

What is climate change adaptation? ~Climate change adaptation with 3 examples~

We explain climate change adaptation in the simplest way, giving 3 examples: "Protecting Food," "Protecting Life from Meteorological Disasters," and "Protecting Health."

Adaptation to Climate Change Impacts-Let's Begin for the Future!

Together with graphs and illustrations, this section explains what climate change has hitherto occurred in the world and Japan, what impacts are already occurring in Japan, what impacts may occur in the future, and initiatives related to adaptation.

Take a look at the weather forecast for the future

2100 Future Weather Forecast (published July 2019)

Based on the latest weather conditions, this is the weather forecast in the year 2100. There are two episodes ; the one with the future when the goal of limiting the temperature increase from pre-industrial levels to 1.5°C is achieved, and the other one describe the future when the goal is not achieved.

2100年 未来の天気予報

Let's learn the latest scientific knowledge of climate change

"STOP THE Global Warming"


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