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    • Overall
    • 2019~2018
    • 2017~2016
    • 2015~2014
    • Before 2013
  • Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries
    •   Agriculture  
      • 1.Paddy rice
      • 2.Vegetables
      • 3.Fruit trees
      • 4.Wheat, soybeans, feed crops, etc.
      • 5.Livestock production
      • 6.Pests and weeds
      • 7.Agricultural production bases
      • 8.Food supply and demand
    •   Forest and Forestry  
      • 1.Wood production (artificial forests, etc.)
      • 2.Special forest products (mushrooms, etc.)
    •   Fishery industry  
      • 1. Migratory fish and shellfish (ecology of fish, etc.)
      • 2.Aquaculture, etc.
  • Water Environment and Water Resources
    •   Water Environment  
      • 1.Lakes, marshes and dams
      • 2.Rivers
      • 3.Coastal and closed sea areas
    •   Water Resources  
      • 1.Water supply (surface water)
      • 2.Water supply (groundwater)
      • 3.Water demand
  • Natural Ecosystems
    •   Terrestrial ecosystem  
      • 1.Alpine and subalpine zones
      • 2.Natural and secondary forests
      • 3.Satochi-satoyama ecosystems
      • 4.Planted forests
      • 5.Impacts of Wild Birds and Animals
      • 6.Material balance
    •   Freshwater ecosystem  
      • 1.Lakes and marshes
      • 2.Rivers
      • 3.Wetlands
    •   Coastal ecosystem  
      • 1.Subtropical
      • 2.Temperate and subarctic regions
    •   Marine ecosystem  
    •   Phenology  
    •   Distribution and Population Variations  
    •   Ecosystem services  
  • Natural Disasters and Coastal Areas
    •   river  
      • 1.Flooding
      • 2.Internal water
    •   Coast  
      • 1.Sea level rise
      • 2.Storm surges and high waves
      • 3.Coastal erosion
    •   Mountains  
      • 1.Debris flow, landslide, etc.
    •   Others  
      • 1.Strong winds, etc.
  • Human Health
    •   Winter warming  
      • 1.Winter mortality
    •   Heat  
      • 1.The risk of death
      • 2.Heat stroke
    •   Infectious Diseases  
      • 1.Waterborne and foodborne infections
      • 2.Arthropod-borne infections
      • 3.Other infectious diseases
    •   Other  
      • 1.Other
  • Industrial and economic activities
    •   Manufacturing  
    •   Energy  
      • 1.Energy supply and demand
    •   Commerce  
    •   Finance and insurance  
    •   Tourism  
      • 1.Leisure
    •   Construction industry  
    •   Medical  
    •   Others  
      • 1.Other Effects (Overseas Effects, etc.)
  • Life of Citizenry and Urban Life
    •   Urban Infrastructure, Lifeline, etc.  
      • 1.Water supply, transportation, etc.
    •   Living with a sense of culture, history, etc.  
      • 1.Phenology, traditional events, local industries, etc.
    •   Others  
      • 1.The effects of heat on life

Collected literature is classified into seven categories, 31 major items, and 58 minor items. Move the cursor to the field name above to display the large item and small item consecutive to the field. If the item names match, the sub-item is omitted.

Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries


Literature on paddy rice 
Literature on vegetables 
Literature on fruit trees 
Literature on wheat, soybeans, feed crops, etc. 
Literature on livestock production 
Literature on pests and weeds 
Literature on agricultural production bases 
Literature on food supply and demand 

[Forest and Forestry]

Literature on wood production (artificial forests, etc.) 
Literature on special forest products (mushrooms, etc.) 

[Fishery industry]

Literature on migratory fish and shellfish (ecology of fish, etc.) 
Literature on aquaculture, etc. 

Water Environment and Water Resources

[Water Environment]

Literature on lakes, marshes and dams 
Literature on rivers 
Literature on coastal and closed sea areas 

[Water Resources]

Literature on water supply (surface water) 
Literature on water supply (groundwater) 
Literature on water demand 

Natural Ecosystems

[Terrestrial ecosystem]

Literature on alpine and subalpine zones 
Literature on natural and secondary forests 
Literature on Satochi-satoyama ecosystems 
Literature on planted forests 
Literature on Impacts of Wild Birds and Animals 
Literature on material balance 

[Freshwater ecosystem]

Literature on lakes and marshes 
Literature on rivers 
Literature on wetlands 

[Coastal ecosystem]

Literature on Subtropical 
Literature on temperate and subarctic regions 

[Marine ecosystem]

Literature on marine ecosystems 


Literature on the Phenology 

[Distribution and Population Variations]

Literature on distribution and population variability 

[Distribution and Population Variations]

Literature on ecosystem services 

Natural Disasters and Coastal Areas


Literature on flooding 
Literature on internal water 


Literature on sea level rise 
Literature on storm surges and high waves 
Literature on coastal erosion 


Literature on debris flow, landslide, etc. 


Literature on strong winds, etc. 

Human Health

[Winter warming]

Literature on winter mortality 


Literature on the risk of death 
Literature on heat stroke 

[Infectious Diseases]

Literature on waterborne and foodborne infections 
Literature on arthropod-borne infections 
Other literature on infectious diseases 


Other literature 

Industrial and economic activities


Literature on the manufacturing industry 


Literature on energy supply and demand 


Literature on commercial 

[Finance and insurance]

Literature on finance and insurance 


Literature on leisure 

[Construction industry]

Literature on the construction industry 


Literature on health care 


Literature on Other Effects (Overseas Effects, etc.) 

国民生活・都市生活Life of Citizenry and Urban Life

[Urban Infrastructure, Lifeline, etc.]

Literature on water supply, transportation, etc. 

[Living with a sense of culture, history, etc.]

Literature on phenology, traditional events, local industries, etc. 


Literature on the effects of heat on life 

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