Climate Change Adaptation Information Platform(A-PLAT)

Local Climate Change Adaptation Plan

For local staffThis page is mainly for government and municipal officials and researchers.

A local climate change adaptation plan is a plan to promote measures to adapt to climate change in accordance with the natural, economic, and social conditions in the area, mainly by prefectures and municipalities.
This section provides information that can be used to develop or revise local climate change adaptation plans.

Planning guide map

This section introduces reference materials and useful tools for developing and revising local climate change adaptation plans for each step of the process from STEP 1 to 8.


List of Local Climate Change Adaptation Plans

This is a list of Local climate change adaptation plans that have been formulated or positioned in accordance with Article 12 of the Climate Change Adaptation Act.


Interview (adaptation plan)

Interviews with local officials on the background and experiences in developing local climate change adaptation plans are available here.


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