Climate Change Adaptation Information Platform(A-PLAT)

Examples of Adaptation Business

This section presents examples of efforts to develop products and services that take adaptation to climate change as a business opportunity for the company and encourage adaptation by others.
※Short name, in alphabetical order.

農業・林業・水産業のアイコンAgriculture, Forestry, Fisheries

水環境・水資源のアイコンWater Environment / Water Resources

自然生態系のアイコンNatural Ecosystems

自然災害・沿岸域のアイコンNatural Disasters / Coastal Areas

健康のアイコンHuman Health

産業・経済活動のアイコンIndustrial and economic activities

国民生活・都市生活のアイコンLife of Citizenry and Urban Life

For businesses tackling climate change adaptation

The Climate Change Adaptation Information Platform solicits examples of initiatives related to the Adaptation Business. If you wish to post the information, fill in the "Inquiry" form with "Requests to post examples of efforts made by the business operator" and apply for the information. Fold back and send you the required documents. Information that does not fall under the purport of this case cannot be included. Please note in advance.

A-PLAT, National Institute for Environmental Studies, and Ministry of the Environment do not provide any warranty as to the details of the examples of initiatives undertaken by the respective business operators in relation to the Adaptation Businesses. The Company shall not be responsible to the User for any damage or damage that may arise in connection with the use of the Information.

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