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COP26 at Glasgow seen by a first-year COP student, Extra Edition

This page is a reprint of an article by the Japan Center for Climate Change Actions (JCCCA), published with permission from JCCCA.

The city of Glasgow itself seemed to be in full COP mode. The photo below shows Glasgow Central Station, where many COP26 flags and banners are displayed. The bus stop also looks like the picture.

Glasgow Central Station

bus stop

In the city, there was a protest march against the lack of progress on climate change. It was the first time I witnessed a climate change related march. I was able to directly feel that there are people who are trying to move the world by taking the issue of climate change as their own. This event made me think about what I can do as a researcher.

Demonstration march 1

Demonstration march 2

When you enter the venue, you have to show the results of the Corona simple test. The photo below shows the corona simple test kit distributed to COP participants. It is distributed free of charge. The test is done every morning and the results are available in about 5 minutes. You fill out the form on the Internet, and then receive the results by e-mail, which you show when you enter the venue. Although it was a simple test, I was able to confirm that I was negative every day, which gave me some peace of mind as I went into the meeting.

Corona simple test kit

To enter the venue, you need the ID below. I'm an observer, so I'm marked with a yellow line. The color of this line is different depending on your position, so that you can easily identify yourself. This seems to determine which zones you can enter in the venue.

ID card to enter the venue

The city has many old stone buildings that give a sense of history.

City Center George Square 1

City Center George Square 2

This is City Hall. It's cool.
This also faces George Square.

The pub is lovely.

You don't see these pigeons in Japan.
What a pigeon!

This is a Columba livia that is often seen in Japan.

The mallard duck is the same as in Japan.

A cute squirrel came up to me.

It was sold at the supermarket and I couldn't resist buying it. It was delicious.

Director, Asia Pacific Climate Change Adaptation Laboratory, Center for Climate Change Adaptation, National Institute for Environmental Studies
Yuji Masutomi

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(Published on November 19, 2021)

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