Climate Change Adaptation Information Platform(A-PLAT)

Our commitment to antimicrobial Resistance (AMR), which is concerned about spread due to the impact of climate change


Publication date April 28, 2020
Sector Human Health

Company Overview


Established in 1878. Under our Company Policy to "supply the best possible medicine to protect the health and wellbeing of the patients we serve," it is our mission as the Shionogi Group to deliver medical products creating a higher level of satisfaction to patients and their families for improved quality of life (QOL). To achieve this goal, we are constantly engaged in the research, development, manufacturing, and marketing activities of medical products, with a focus on prescription drugs.

Climate Change Impacts

Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR)※ is believed to be promoted by inappropriate use of antibacterial drugs. In addition, there are concerns that the number of drug-resistant bacteria will increase and the drug resistance rate will increase due to the rise in temperature due to climate change.

As AMR is a global threat with potentially devastating consequences to those infected with resistant pathogens and high direct and indirect losses to society, the spread of AMR due to climate change could have a major impact on humanity.

It is also feared that if antimicrobial drugs that are effective against AMR are not developed and put into the market, it will become an uncontrollable situation in the future, as it will become impossible to save lives with just the antimicrobial drugs that are used for existing infectious diseases.

※ Antimicrobial drugs (such as antibiotics) are drugs that suppress or destroy the multiplication of bacteria and other microbes. However, microorganisms also try to escape from drugs using a variety of means. In this way, the inability to use drugs against microorganisms is referred to as "antimicrobial resistance (AMR)."

Adaptation Initiatives

In 2017, the World Health Organization (WHO) published its first-ever list of antibiotic-resistant “priority pathogens” that pose the greatest threat to human health (Figure).

Since many of the pathogens in the critical category are resistant to carbapenem-type antibiotics, Shionogi has been tackling AMR-related issues by developing infectious diseases drugs that can deal with the three carbapenem-resistant bacteria that WHO regards as urgent and grave.

In order to "protect the world from the threat of infectious diseases," Shionogi is continuously working to prevent the emergence of new drug-resistant bacteria by creating new drugs for infectious diseases for which no remedies have yet been established and at the same time promoting the proper use of infectious diseases drugs.

In addition, efforts are continuously being made to raise public awareness of measures against infectious diseases for the general public.

Effects / Expected Benefits

It is expected to create drugs for protecting humanity from the threat of AMR, where rising risk is feared due to rising temperature.

Shionogi will continue to develop and launch new antimicrobial drugs to protect the world from the threat of infectious diseases.


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