Climate Change Adaptation Information Platform(A-PLAT)

Activity Report


  • 「第1回 自治体の適応推進に関する意見交換会」参加者アンケート調査結果のご報告ページへ移動します

    The report on the results of the Participant Questionnaire Survey at the First Meeting to Exchange Opinions on Promoting Adaptation of Local Governments was published.

  • 気候変動適応法施行記念国際シンポジウム参加者アンケートのご報告ページへ移動します

    Report of the International Symposium on Climate Change Adaptation Act Enforcement Memorial Questionnaire was presented.

  • 適応情報プラットフォーム構築研修の報告ページへ移動します

    The training for building an adaptive information platform was presented in Tokyo.

  • 第1回自治体の適応推進支援についてのヒアリング会の報告のページに移動します

    The first hearing on support for the promotion of adaptation by local governments was held in Tokyo.

  • 自治体の適応推進に関わる意見交換会の写真

    The meeting was held in Tokyo to exchange opinions on the promotion of adaptation of local governments at the first meeting.

  • 気候変動適応法施行記念国際シンポジウムの報告のページに移動します

    The symposium was held in Tokyo to commemorate the enactment of the Climate Change Adaptation Law, entitled "How do regions prepare for climate change?"

  • 第一回適応プラットフォーム国際会議の写真

    The first International Conference on Climate Change Adaptation Platforms was held in Tokyo.

  • ISO 地方自治体とコミュニティのための適応計画ガイダンス
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    The ISO Working Group on International Standards for Adaptation Planning for Local Governments and Communities (Technical Specifications) was published in London.

  • ここがヘンだよ日本列島 VOL.3のページへ

    "Climate Change that you perceive? This is what!? The Japanese Islands VOL.3 Summer Large Publication 2018" was published.

  • ISAPの詳細ページへ
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    The International Forum on Sustainable Asia-Pacific 2018 (ISAP2018) was presented.

  • 閉会式の写真
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    Adaptation Futures 2018 Report 6
    The closing ceremony was posted.

    Movie of closing ceremony is here

  • セッション237の写真
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    Adaptation Futures 2018 Report 5
    Session 237, "Defining and Measuring Effective Adaptation," Session 311, "Collaboration and Collaboration," Session 159, "What Is the Optimal Adaptation Method? Introduction to International Standards for Adaptation," and Session 16, "Potential Effective Adaptation Measures Using Natural Ecosystems."

  • セッション406の写真
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    Adaptation Futures 2018 Report 4
    Session 406 "Vulnerability" was included.

    For a video of the general meeting held on June 20, please see here.

  • 開会式の写真
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    Adaptation Futures 2018 Report 3
    The opening ceremony, session 404 "Health and Welfare," and poster presentations were published.

    For the movie at the opening ceremony, please see here.

  • ウェブを拠点とする適応プラットフォームのあり方
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    Adaptation Futures 2018 Report 2
    Session 87, "How Adaptive Platforms Based on the Web"
    ※ Session 179 "Climate Risk Assessment as a Tool for Strengthening Adaptation Measures" was added. (Updated: 2018.7.10)

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    Adaptation Futures 2018 Report 1
    Hold in South Africa, where drought continues

  • 「エコライフフェア2018」

    The VOL.2 Science Fair 2018 edition of "Climate Change you feel" is presented.

  • 「エコライフフェア2018」
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    We participated in Eco-Life Fair 2018. Panel displays on mitigation and adaptation measures were held.

  • 「気候変動の影響への適応-未来のために今はじめよう!-」

    "Adapting to the Impacts of Climate Change-Begin Now for the Future!" was opened as an explanatory page for individuals. Please take a look at them.

  • 国立環境研究所 春の環境講座詳細はこちら

    We participated in National Institute for Environmental Studies Spring Environmental Course. Panel displays on mitigation and adaptation measures were held.

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